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In terms of my operation its pretty clear and concise the way I coach. Firstly I get you to fill out a Athlete profile form and questionnaire so I can get to know where you have been and what you're looking to achieve. 

After that, we chat on the phone as an introduction to pick up any bits that may have been missed out and we sort out a date for you to come to me to complete you initial tests so we can set your power and Heart Rate levels to train at. I can also do a Lactate Threshold (LT) test if you wish it nail down the numbers. Its useful information,  as LT testing can be utilised to determine an appropriate training intensity and monitor progression in athletes of all levels. 


This test is similar to the VO2 max test, although consists of slightly longer periods of time between changes in workload. This test does involve several blood samples taken from the finger for the assessment of blood lactate. 

After that, we sit down and work out your program, as I guess you've got goals in mind. I am aware the amateurs have a time-critical life so I need to know when a how you can train on a daily basis, for example, do you train by power or heart rate, do you train on the road or Turbo or bit of both. What equipment do you have and how long can you commit each day to training 1 hour, 2 or the whole day? I then see if you want some additional Strength and Core training programmed in.